unterstütze adapter

adapter is multifunctional. 

Its structure is transformable and offers an enormous range of uses. Each of the thirteen stage elements can be swung open individually.  Two stair elements and a ramp render the stage accessible. The canopied area can be sub-divided. As said, that`s what it is: multifunctional.

Black Box

The adapter turns into a black Box.

White Cube

The white walls convert the adapter into  a classical exhibition space. 


Fully unfolded, the stage is in size of more than 6.3 x 3.5 meter.

Open Box

Projektion screens     

Thanks to the slide-in rear projection walls, the adapter can be easily modulated.  



One side of the display case allows visibility.

Part showcase

Thanks to the modular system, the plexiglas sliding elements can be individuallly positioned. 

The display cases      

Complete transparency and maximum presence.