unterstütze adapter

Our story. Our philosophy.

A Vision

2011 One of the board members of visarte.aargau , Claudia Waldner, founded the working group called "visarte.aargau.kiosk" (Marc Hartmann, Walo Wittwer,  Andreas Bertschi, André Hartmann, Eva Borner, Marion Ritzmann) in 2011. The vision of a mobile platform was born.  

2012 The work group "visarte.aargau.kiosk"  changed its name into "adapter".  The first ideas around a mobile construction were drafted together with Kenan (Mechanic) and Peter Heusler (Architect). The old Opel Blitz was purchased from the then-Gärtnerei Freitag in Zürich. The first contacts with the future guest curators Françoise Theis and Evelyne Schüep take place. Thoughts and ideas on the "Grenzgänger`project, as was planned at that time, bring about  the idea of adapter by Evelyne Schüep. Preliminary work, contacts and a visit with Françoises Theis during the time of the project VIDEONALE E.V in Kunstmuseum Bonn further shape the concept of adapter as a video platform travelling across Switzerland.

2013 Since "adapter" works not only regionally but also nationally and since the trade organization of rising artists visarte along with many others appear to be the future users,  the work group "adapater" leaves visarte.aargau to form an interest community of its own. Walo Wittwer takes over the construction management. Estelle Frontmant supports "adapter" in the course of the daunting challenge of raising funds, which lasts for months. In autumn 2013, the project arrives at a point of “either all or nothing.” Thanks to the enormous energy and support of many people , the ball "adapter" is set rolling in December 2013. Walo Wittwer plan the construction and the reconstruction of the  Opel Blitz together with the architect Peter Heusler. Roger Wirz develops the wooden construction pieces, while the steel and metal parts are built in by the tinsmith Spenglerei Waldner and the locksmith Schlosser Heinrich Schönthaler.

2014 The vision is put into effect by huge efforts and  an enormous amount of Women-Man-Power. Not only hardware but also software artists pursued the work with diligence, passion and expertise over a stretch of many months. Bernd Horche, Andreas Perin in the setup of the old and the new Websites. Translations by Feyza Konyali-von Grünig, Susanna Perin, Estelle Frontmant. Finally, all these were to be processed and updated in terms of graphics over and over again throughout years, and we owe this whole package to our André. 

Kilometer Null

We have made a dream come true in solidarity thanks to our unrelenting commitment, positive energy and good will. Art has no boundaries. Neither does adapter. 
adapter started with "kilometer null" and celebrates its Opening in front of Aargauer Kunsthaus in Aarau September 2014.

Kilometer ten thousand

Initially there was a vision. A team. And then an Opel Blitz. Art and culture networked with each other. The greatest possible divergencies and borders were successfully linked. Diverse linguistic and cultural broths, as we the Swiss call “Röstigräben,” mingle together into one single menu à la adapter. 
Opel Blitz (1975) recalling: «I still remember distinctly that moment ten years ago in September 2014 when I was enjoying the the view of Staffelegg. The unimaginable really happened, and they managed to dress me up totally new with their combined efforts and strength. During the first photoshooting the young artists tried and tested all the possible versions my multiflexible construction allowed for. That made me so proud and elated that I was beaming beyond my two new side mirrors. That was just before Kilometer Null came into being, right before my new life began. With boundless energy and enthusiasm, I was ready for the world of art and culture in Switzerland. Well, time goes by so quickly; now not only me but also the foundation itself have become 10 years older and more mature.  Over those 10 years, I have gotten the chance to be actively involved in various exhibitions, festivals, reading events and theatre productions. I was even given the opportunity once to do a book tour (in cooperation with several reputable publishing houses, libraries and book fairs) across Switzerland. I offered not only a mobile library, in which many were able to linger on, but also an exhilirating program with diverse readings and poetry slam performances. Another memorable moment was when an innovative theatre group performed a play on my stage, which allowed them to reside and perform in different linguistic regions throughout Switzerland, be it in the country side or in the cities. What I found most intriguing was working with the artists, whose discussions and exchange of information and opinions helped enhance my culturopolitical awareness. What is also still fresh in my ears are one musical journey as a mobile jazz stage as well as several classical music concerts during full moon under the starry skies. There was even a time when I met real stars. Cinema stars! That was because of a mobile international video art project. I took part in film evenings at festivals and once even celebrated a premiere, during which the director and the crew were present. Many bookings during the glorious ART on the Messeplatz square, intercantonal educational joint projects and performance events. As an exhibition venue sometimes for objects, sometimes for installations of any kind, I have always been an active link among institutions, offspace-venues, art halls and the artists that are visiting as part of an artist-in residence-program. All and all, it has been simply incredible. Thank you. Without your precious help, I, an old Opel Blitz, couldn`t be looking back in awe at all those fulfilling years as adapter. I can`t wait to see what else the future holds for me- I am very much looking forward to the upcoming ten thousand kilometers.»

Text: Claudia Waldner und Marc Hartmann