unterstütze adapter

For rent enquiries: +41 (0)77 450 21 76, info@kunstadapter.ch


The rental price consists of the duration of use, transport as well as assembly and dismantling.

Prices valid from November 2014

Duration of use

CHF 600.– / 1 Day

CHF 900.– / 2 Days

CHF 1‘200.– / 3 Days

CHF 1‘800.– / Week

CHF 4‘500.– / Month


Kilometer from Zofingen (AG) till the target destination and back

CHF 6.– / km*

*This charge includes the costs for the driver of adapter and the support vehicle for the stage elements as well as the fuel costs. It is possible to reduce this average charge if the lessee arranges for a transport vehicle with a driver himself. 

Minimum rent price per use: CHF 140.–

Assembly and Dismantling

CHF 420.– * 

*Ths flat rate includes the handover, the instructions for the use, assembly/disassembly and the take-back. Self-service (engaging your own helpers) wil result in a reduction of the price. 

We also offer commercial use for tours in various venues 

  • commercial use for tours in various venues 


Additionally, we provide

  •  Partnerships and co-productions with the Foundation adapter 
  •  mentioned as the producer in the contract. (e.g., daytime/ evening programs / incl. bar / catering services)  

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