unterstütze adapter

Fully equipped.

Corner panels for the stage 2 pieces.

Connects the ones on the side with the back stage. 

Stairways 2 pieces.

The stairways can be put up at any desired point and secured with railings.

Wheelchair access platform1 piece.

Stabilizers for the stage 54  pieces.

By means of the vertically adjustable steel stabilizers, the stage is easily evened out.


Guardrailing posts 40 pieces.

Slide-units out of plexiglas 16 pieces.

These units enable the adapter to convert into a lockable glass display case. 


Variable slide-units 3 pieces.

The big slide-units with back projection canvas or black fleece offer a diversity of fitting options.

Electro-distribution box 1 piece.

The electro-distribution boxes that are permanently integrated into  adapter and six sockets in the adapter

Plexiglas conveyor belt with LED-lighting.

Firmly integrated onto the roof of adapter, dimmable per remote control.